An Operating Tree farm on 650 Acres along Manatee River

This operating tree farm makes for a promising investment, with infrastructure already in place, solid access, and additional room for development! The property encompasses 650 Acres including the sprawling plantation, expansive fields and a stunning mountain range that borders the Manatee Forest Reserve and an imposing cave. Approximately 175 Acres are currently covered in high-value […]

35 acres of rural beauty on the panoramic hummingbird highway

A captivating blend of rugged mountain slopes and fertile fields in the panoramic hummingbird highway area, these 35 acres offer rural beauty while connected to the grid. Situated along the highway in St. Margaret’s village, the location is truly second to none, with proximity to the Caribbean Sea and the capital city of Belmopan. With […]

300-Acre Investment Property in the Maya Mountains

A 300-Acre Investment property. This property is located just east of the Manatee River in the Maya Mountain foothills. Which is A few miles off the Hummingbird Highway from the village of St Margaret’s. The land is rolling with multiple valleys and hills. This offers a stunning view over the surrounding area and the mountains […]